[Consortium] Re: Linuxaudio.org consortium launch

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Mon Apr 5 09:16:44 EDT 2004

Hi Stephan,

> I got this note by way of Axel Hartmann of Hartmann Music, I'm the
> Hartmann DSP guy also working for Prosoniq and as a freelance
> consultant (http://www.dspdimension.com).

We have a number of members who are actively involved in DSP work, so 
I'm sure they would be very interested to check out the information 
on your site (if they haven't already).

On your site, I notice that you're from Karlsruhe - a number of us are 
heading there for the International Linux Audio Conference at the end 
of this month. Are you planning to be there?

> The linuxaudio.org web site sounds and looks very interesting,
> however, due to my NDA I cannot decide on behalf of Prosoniq and
> Hartmann if it is interesting or relevant for these companies to
> participate.

That's fair enough. In fact quite a few of our contacts are being made 
at an informal level, without interested parties necessarily becoming 
members of the consortium.

> The reason why I'm contacting you today is because I have a new
> project pertaining to my work at dspdimension.com that might be of
> interest to linuxaudio.org as well - please find it at
> http://www.clearscale.org

I'd say this is definitely of interest to our members, especially 
since you are proposing to release your code under the GPL. I'd be 
interested to know the advantages that your project will offer over 
the existing time stretching software that I've used, such as the 
tempo change effect within Audacity. 

(I'll confess that although I've used this kind of software, I'm 
unclear about the benefits of the various designs!)

Have you posted an announcement on the linux-audio-announce or 
linux-audio-developer mailing lists?

Thanks for getting in touch!


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