[Consortium] Re: Linuxaudio.org consortium launch

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Mon Apr 5 10:50:18 EDT 2004

> I'm planning to attend the Conference, Frank Neumann invited me at
> the Musikmesse last week and I think this year I'm definitely going
> to make it. 

Glad to hear it!

I've now downloaded the examples from 
http://www.clearscale.org/html/results.html so I can hear what you 

> Regarding clearscale.org: I actually didn't announce it yet on
> these lists, first, because I was unaware of their existence and
> second, because the site is basically online as of yesterday. I'd
> be happy if you could forward the information to them.

It might be better if you sent a formal project launch announcement 

linux-audio-announce at music.columbia.edu

It's a strictly moderated list, so the mail will take a little while 
to go out - but this is definitely a good place to start.



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