[Consortium] Re: Linux @ Sounds Expo

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Mon Dec 13 12:32:08 EST 2004

Hi Ed,

> How much space do you want? 

Last year we had 12 sq. m which was about right. But we're very flexible of 

> did you have any thoughts as
> to the format of the proposed stand?

Not as yet, but I'd guess that we'll do something similar again. 

> Space is charged at ~270psqm for our fully inclusive shell scheme 

Last year we had an arrangement with VCM that we could have the stand at venue 
cost on the basis that it would be informational, and a bonus feature of the 
show, rather than commercial. We also did some joint publicity for the event.

I don't expect that any of the firms selling Linux-based products in the audio 
market will sponsor the stand in order to have a sales presence - that would 
be better handled on a conventional trade stand, I think.

Last year we covered the venue floorspace cost with sponsorship of around 
£600, plus additional sponsorship to cover the electrical subcontractor 



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