[Consortium] Sounds Expo TODO list?

Richard Bown richard.bown at ferventsoftware.com
Mon Feb 2 06:10:22 EST 2004

On Monday 02 February 2004 11:02, Steve Harris wrote:

> I just go the OK from the guy who owns the poster printer. I can do 3
> posters. I'd do a logo of some kind, LAD or linuxaudio.org, votes? I err
> in the direction of la.o, as were not just trying to appeal to developers.

I agree. 

> I'l do joern's JACK poster too, cos thats good for pointing at and pretty
> colourful. Maybe a composite one of screenshots?

Could you run us off another Rosegarden banner if you have space/time?  The 
one we usually have is in storage along with all of our other usual odds and 
sods - bad planning on my part as I just assumed I'd be living somewhere 
permanent by now.


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