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Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Mon Feb 2 08:00:23 EST 2004

Daniel James wrote:

>>I seem to remember someone proposed to wear some kind on
>>standardized T-Shirts at the GNU/Linux Audio Centre (Sounds Expo
>>2004).  Did you reach any definitive conclusion on it?
> Having looked at the cost of providing 3x shirts for each person on 
> the stand, I thought the money could be better spent elsewhere.

frank neumann used to make t-shirts for our linuxtag booth, had some 
printed in different sizes at a local copy shop and we just bought 
them, because linux audio t-shirts are cool :) might be an option 
for you as well. we found uniform looks help a lot when the booth 
gets crowded, as people know at once who to ask (badges are not that 
effective, as everybody's wearing them on a trade show :)

there is even an online shop somewhere (i forget the name) who you 
can mail your logo and banner typography and they make mugs, shirts 
and younameit for you and offer a webshop you can point your fans 
to. you even get sent some of the money that comes in iirc.

> I 
> think flyers are much more important at this stage. As someone 
> pointed out, event visitors will be absorbing a lot of information, 
> and if they don't take a piece of paper home they will probably 
> forget what they've seen.

very true. our flyers at linuxtag went faster than we could look. we 
had to have some re-printed on the third day. when talking to 
visitors, it's especially nice to just highlight some url on a 
leaflet and hand it to them than spelling them out or writing them 
on the back of business cards a zillion times per day :)

> I've been thinking about the overall look of the stand, and I don't 
> believe that looking low-budget is actually a problem. We're not 
> competing with the big names in the industry head-on, after all. 
> They may have a stand which costs £50,000 and will be thrown away 
> after three days, but the reason they have that money to waste is 
> that they are levering proprietary lock-in. I'm not sure how well the 
> heavy marketing approach goes down with musicians, anyway.

at least on linuxtag (where there's a healthy mixture of big 
business and no-buget .org booths), it does not really matter. of 
course, you have to have some eye-catchers with well laid-out 
information, but there is really no point in trying to look 
expensive. in my experience, people appreciate simple, no-bullshit 

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