[Consortium] Material and demos Sound Expo

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Thu Feb 5 10:58:53 EST 2004

On Thursday 05 Feb 2004 3:22 pm, Damien Cirotteau wrote:
> Do we have list of the material which will be at Sound Expo?

I don't think so, although we probably have some collective idea.

> I personally plan to bring a PC laptop + an RME Hamerfall, but I
> won't be able to bring some monitors. Will we have mixer +
> monitors?

Steve is supposed to bring monitors I think, and at least two of us 
(iriXx and I) said we could bring mixers but only tiny ones.  I'll 
bring mine whatever, as I should be coming by car.

> to bring a small MIDI keyboard (2 octaves + knobs) but if somebody
> else already bring one it is maybe enough

I'll bring one (Evolution MK225C USB), it's no extra trouble.  Also a 
hardware MIDI sound module.

>  About the demos, is there a global strategie?  Will we run one
> computer with the differents software installed on it

It sounds like most people are planning to use their own computers.  
That said -- I'm bringing a desktop machine with PlanetCCRMA on it; 
can I just ask what applications other people might want to demo so 
that I can make sure I have them installed, just in case?


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