[Consortium] well then

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Fri Feb 13 09:17:21 EST 2004

Hope everyone made it home safely after the expo.

I'm absolutely shattered myself, butI suspect that has more to do with 
getting pissed every night than anything else.  Ah well.

I have a few photos, which I'll probably put up with a short report on 
linuxmusician.com (or anywhere else anyone would like).  I just have 
to work up the energy to write the short report, that's all.

Daniel, many thanks for organising the stand -- and to AGNULA for 
sponsoring it.  (Damien, did you get your MIDI cable back?  I'm 
afraid I forgot about it, and I haven't got around to sorting through 
the box of cables properly yet -- although I did notice I seem to 
have gained an extra power strip -- whose was that?)

Also, my apologies to Bob for being such a doofus and not getting the 
point with LADCCA/LASH.  (In my defence, Bob, you really do need a 
nice simple description of how it's actually intended to work from 
the user's point of view, I mean in terms of starting and stopping 
sessions, saving files etc.)  Anyway I'll have to mull that one over 
a bit and see what we can do about it -- I'll probably have more 
questions for you but I haven't the brains to think about technical 
stuff at the moment.

Now, back to the coffee pot.


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