[Consortium] Linuxaudio.org Management Board

Andrea Glorioso sama at agnula.org
Thu Feb 19 08:13:34 EST 2004

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Depner <eviltwin69 at cableone.net> writes:

    > 	I agree that many organizations can't/won't sign up to that
    > restriction.  I would think that we're probably only talking
    > about copyright infringement (including GPL issues), and patent
    > infringement. 

The original  proposal (by me) simply covered   the ability to reverse
engineer  proprietary  applications/formats,  and  having some sort of
guarantee that this wouldn't result in a member suing another one.

All of the objections that have been  made seem quite reasonable to me
and I've got no problem in concluding that  the proposal is simply not
feasible.  But the original proposal was  much more focused (because I
do  know that  it's simply  impossible reaching  any kind of consensus

P.S.: I'm keeping the Cc:  list because I don't  know how many of  the
listed recipients are actually subscribed to the mailing list.



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