[Consortium] linuxaudio.org

Marek Peteraj marpet at naex.sk
Sat Jan 24 08:25:32 EST 2004

>> > It represents the linux audio developers, the linux audio users,>> > linux audio applications/projects.
>>>> > I hoped it to be a home for LAD, LAU and LAA, and to offer more -
>> > community news, documentiation and tutorials, etc.
>>>> As I  already told you,  I'm more than  willing to propose, as soon as>> the   voting   rules are  established,   that   specific subdomains of>> linuxaudio.org be devoted to such services.>>>> I personally won't have the time to work  on the actual services.  I'm>> confident that willing people will do that.  Are you volunteering?
>> once linuxaudio.org has had time to work out their aims and policies
> in more detail, i would like to propose that linuxaudio.org, the lad page
> and possibly others (such as dave's and patrick's site) work out a> corporate design of sorts (or maybe just a logo) and form a web ring.

Joern, the problem is - a webring won't solve the fragmentation of linux audio on the web.
See www.jabber.org and www.jabberstudio.org to get an idea of what i was talking about.
Using a domain name with a crucial keyword for a consortium while leaving crucial information placed all over the net isn't going to help us.
Grep in your archives for my email from july, august or september.

> for the time  being, i think it's best  not to bring the subject  to> LAD again, but in the long run, once linuxaudio.org has more clearly> defined  itself, i'd like to  discuss the web  ring idea on the list> and see what can be done.
I'm not  sure  what  are the missing  points   on the  TODO  list  for
"defining" the consortium.  Daniel?

Lots more than you might think, Andrea. There are lots of legal issues involved. I don't want to go into more details at the moment. 
But a non-profit organisation consisting of natural members - members of a community is a model that has been adopted in many oss communities.
See fsf, gnome, xiph, X.org.

to quote http://www.newsforge.com/software/04/01/23/0020201.shtml?tid=130&tid=132&tid=82
"X.org no longer "the X consortium" -- is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization."


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