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iriXx m at iriXx.org
Mon Jan 26 09:43:50 EST 2004

regarding grafiks....

this is one area i have always wanted to contribute in... i'm no 
programmer, by any means, but want to give something to the community - 
i am, however, a professional graphic designer.

i've had a few gos but mostly have been limited by time of late... i 
still havent forgotten this though and would very much like to help in 
graphics development of audio software.

just raising my hand...

m~ / iriXx

Patrick Shirkey wrote:

> Now that we have firmly established the neccesity of having an 
> official group that focuses on the professional representation of the 
> Linux Audio community, I'd like to discuss some more points which 
> should be added to the resources that are being provided for people to 
> take home at the trade show. Also It would also be useful to identify 
> some targets we want to promote to.
> Obviously we are already being represented in SoS and other mags have 
> started the process of representation too. That's very gratifying for 
> the people who have been around for a while doing the hard work.
> What are the main prejudices towards Libre audio software?
> I can think of a few.
> 1. Not cool to look at
> 2. Too geeky
> 3. Difficult to use, "Complicated"
> 4. Unstable
> 5. Installation is difficult
> 1. We have come a long way recently with the looks of the GUIs. 
> Unfortunately not many of us are grafik artists. That makes it hard 
> for us to get da funky looks goin on. There have been a few people who 
> offered to work on grafiks but so far they are mostly dead air. Still 
> we have some great artists out there contributing. gdam, ardour, ssm, 
> seq24, Jamin, RTMix, vstserver, hydrogen, MusE, rosegarden, jackeq...
> 2. Too geeky. We need more recordings to be released.
> 3. Difficult and complicated. Very true. It doesn't bother me, infact 
> I think it is good for my DJ persona. (Apparently everyone in Korea 
> thinks I play abstract music ;] ) Did anyone complain when they 
> couldn't play a Jimi solo the first time they picked up a guitar????
> 4. Unstable. Not so bad these days. The team working on JACK has made 
> huge steps in this field. I regularly play for many hours at a time 
> while DJing. The only thing that stops me is unearthed mains (there 
> are a lot of those in Korea :/
> 5. Installation: Maybe (for the trade show) we need a really big sign 
> with:
> --------------
>         3 steps to Linux audio happiness
>          ./configure;make;make install
>            --- it's that simple! ---
> ---------------
> Improving the ALSA install would be a big plus too. I've heard of OSS 
> being very user friendly a few times in the past year.  The problem 
> seems not to be installing ALSA but getting it working after install. 
> The install process could provide a flag to write the 
> /etc/modules.conf file and the .asoundrc for a start.
> Maybe someone just needs to explain to me what the alsaconf utility 
> does so I can write it up :)
> <psuedo philosophical>
> This is a very good opportunity to promote and Daniel should be 
> commended for doing the hard yakka to set it up. Now we have the 
> chance to capitalise on this. If history tells the truth, Messman and 
> the Novell corporatists are muscling in to affect the direction. We 
> have to dig in even harder now to make sure we don't get washed away 
> in the tidal wave.
> </phil>
> Prevention is better than the cure - anon

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