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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Jan 26 11:50:56 EST 2004

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>> 3. Difficult and complicated. Very true. It doesn't bother me, infact 
>> I think it is good for my DJ persona. (Apparently everyone in Korea 
>> thinks I play abstract music ;] ) Did anyone complain when they 
>> couldn't play a Jimi solo the first time they picked up a guitar???? 
> Intereseting analogy, because of course Hendrix introduced no new 
> technique-having-to-do-with-playing-guitar (it's all blues modes and 
> very few other scales). He did introduce a lot of 
> technique-having-to-do-with-USING-the-guitar, most of which was pretty 
> easily acquired by anyone with the same or approximate gear.

You say that now, after years of listening to his work...

> But WRT our beloved Linux audio software: it's really still a bit of a 
> problem with Linux generally. I still get a fair amount of mail from 
> people who are truly confused about ALSA...

Thats a seperate issue which we *should* address very soon.

>> 5. Installation: Maybe (for the trade show) we need a really big sign 
>> with:
>>        --------------
>>         3 steps to Linux audio happiness
>>          ./configure;make;make install
>>            --- it's that simple! ---
>> --------------- 
> Well, as long as nothing fucks up, I suppose you're right.

Which seems to happen 95% of the time for me these days. IMBBiased.

> But of 
> course, things do fuck up, frequently and opaquely,

Though it is rare to find audio apps that do this nowadays [we should 
fix the ones that don't]. We seemed to have learnt that it's better to 
make it work from the start... (at least once we tar a package).

> and unless you're a 
> seasoned Linux audio veteran you are likely to be left out in the cold 
> when it comes to system analysis and fix-it time. I'm not saying any of 
> that is inherently difficult, only that a procedure utterly unknown to 
> the user might as well be written in Etruscan Linear B. All of which 
> argues strongly for the promotion of better turn-key systems a la 
> PlanetC or AGNULA.

True... #1. What would y'all consider more accesible to an LCD audience?


          3 steps to Linux audio happiness

           ./configure;make;make install

             --- it's that simple! ---


	Install simply and quickly
	 AGNULA     Planet CCRMA
	 We make it easy for you!


Maybe both are valid?

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