[Consortium] demographics

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 05:17:16 EST 2004


I'm thinking the consortium could provide some simple
demographics that provide an indication of the number
of Linux audio users. Maybe start with a simple page
and a link to Joern's mailing list subscription count.
It's easy to imagine the content would become more
useful with time and not to much effort. Maybe we
could ask Demudi, Planet CCRMA, etc for download
stats. Http stats for hits might also be interesting.

The point being, if the cost for company X to port
their products to Linux is $15,000.00 U.S. they will
require a consumer market of X users to justify the

During the last month, I've had conversations with
several companies that have product for Mac OSX. They
had two basic concerns.
1. "Linux has to small a share of the market to
justify an investment."[1]
2. "we're waiting for a DAW/Sequencer like X and then
we'll port."

It's not difficult to imagine that Linux owns a small
share of market but I think it could be interesting to
know where we stand and to make that information
available to the public.

1. Of course anyone can contract a company to port and
then license their product.


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