[Consortium] Re: [a-users] New Linux forum on Sound on Sound site

Andrea Glorioso andrea.glorioso at agnula.org
Mon Jun 14 10:15:37 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel James <daniel at mondodesigno.com> writes:

    > Hello all, I asked Sound on Sound magazine to provide a Linux
    > forum on their site (in addition to Windows, Mac, Atari etc) and
    > they have done this today. You can see the link at:

    > http://sound-on-sound2.infopop.net/2/OpenTopic

    > The forums are quite heavily used, and you don't need to
    > subscribe to the magazine to post messages.

I can't really use web forums - I already find difficult enough to
handle e-mail!

Is there some way to funnel these forums back and forth between
mailing lists?

Anyway, thanks - even though I won't probably use them, my guess is
that they will be a very useful resource for GNU/Linux novices.


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