[Consortium] ping Andrea Glorioso

Andrea Glorioso sama at miu-ft.org
Wed Jun 30 01:40:16 EDT 2004

Hi iriXx !

Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I just got back from Paris for
the FSMSI 2004 conference and the e-mail backlog was terrible. :/

As Daniel correctly pointed out, the URL of AGNULA Libre Music is:




>>>>> "miriam" == miriam clinton <(iriXx)" <m at iriXx.org>> writes:

    > sorry for posting to the list: i had a major computer crash and
    > lost the link to your archive at agnula.org can you give me the
    > link again? - i've put Daniel's up, and the main address of the
    > agnula project on my news page and on my links page at
    > www.copyleftmedia.org.uk

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