[Consortium] a few more rants...

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Wed Mar 3 04:47:30 EST 2004

On Wednesday 03 Mar 2004 2:32 am, Marek Peteraj wrote:
> This is completely wrong. I would never advise open-source
> developers to borrow a device in order to get a job done for free
> and additionally have responsibilities(such as returning the hw and
> responsibility to work with the community on support for it). This
> should be a responsibility of the company that manufactures that
> device. Obsequiousness is not what's going to help us.

I haven't commented on the loan hardware thread at all yet, but 
actually I agree entirely with Marek here.  Hardware companies need 
to be encouraged to work to get their products supported, sure, but 
it's still ultimately a question of their providing a service to 
their own users.  Getting existing free software developers to do 
most of the work makes it staggeringly cost-effective for them 
already.  Before talking about an individual developer's 
"responsibility" to do free work for a hardware company, we should be 
talking about that developer's worth to the company.

> Daniel, AFAIK it's Linux Audio Developers ZKM conference, but
> sounds like it's now a linuxaudio.org conference.

I don't get this complaint though.  As I see Daniel's just noted, 
there's nothing at all about the conference on linuxaudio.org except 
a link.


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