[Consortium] a few more rants...

Richard Bown richard.bown at ferventsoftware.com
Wed Mar 3 08:41:08 EST 2004

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 10:24, Daniel James wrote:
> >  Before talking about an individual developer's
> > "responsibility" to do free work for a hardware company, we should
> > be talking about that developer's worth to the company.
> Perhaps - but let me put it like this. The professional Linux audio
> market is currently so small as to be insignificant to a hardware
> company. We currently rely on good will to get any loan hardware or
> specifications.

But that's the manufacturer's fault - not ours.  And use of the words "ours" 
and "we" here has to be under advisement it seems - some people want free 
toys to play with, some people want to be taken seriously in a business 
context and you can't apply a single loan policy to both camps.

Rather than just endlessly banging this issue about can't we just agree on a 
proposed policy and then vote on it?  Isn't that how things are supposed to 


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