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On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 08:29:41PM +0100, Marek Peteraj wrote:
> > if i understood daniel's intent correctly, he is trying to provide a
> > *mechanism* for how hardware loans and/or donations should be handled.
> > marek is talking about *policy*. in good unix tradition, those should
> > kept separate.
> Well i was talking about the *purpose* of hw loans, to be clear
> enough.  But i'd like to know how you distinguish a policy from a
> mechanism in this case, Joern.

i didn't got Joern's email, anyway it's good to keep the discussion
here, until is not a real rant. there is a good point about policy and
mechanism and i see the good unix tradition he's talking about.
Marek: just make a small effort to keep the discussion somehow 'clean'
from subjective (sym|anti)pathies, i say this for the sake of giving
some air to the good points you made with your first mail
(i really wish you would have won the contest you were talking about)

well ok, you know: i love you all :)

i know my enemies and they are not here, i hope you all agree on this.
still i see many different approaches among us:

there are some geeks peeking into their messed-up inboxes

there are managers looking for a cool domain and cheap visibility

there are free software enthusiasts

there are unemployed coders living day by day

there are some hitech audio enthusiasts

there are employees who can't code but are supposed to do software

there are business professionals diving in a futurable field

and each of us can be one or more of the above
(just excluding certain tuples who really can't come along)

now: let's try to be tolerant to each other.
tolerance is a key for all kind of good things, believe me.
we'll be moving in the same field, some of us have been doing that
allready for some time now. the best for sure is to come together.

let's make this effort, meeting in person once can also help IMHO.

all the best and goodnite to who's in CET
(is anybody here out of the so called EU?)


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