[Consortium] a few more rants...

iriXx m at irixx.org
Tue Mar 9 09:00:12 EST 2004

again, are these companies required to be making linux audio products, 
or can they diversify into licensing issues? (hint: copyleftmedia.org.uk)

also when and where is this 2nd Linux Audio conference?

curiously m~

Daniel James wrote:

>>Rather than just endlessly banging this issue about can't we just
>>agree on a proposed policy and then vote on it?  Isn't that how
>>things are supposed to work?
>I'm all in favour of attempting to reach a consensus first, if that is 
>As far as voting goes, only six projects/companies out of eighteen 
>have so far nominated a representative to the Management Board:
>Andrea Glorioso (AGNULA)
>Patrick Shirkey (Boost Hardware)
>Christian Schaller (GStreamer)
>Jan Depner (JAMin)
>Ron Parker (Mirror Image)
>Steve Harris (plugin.org.uk)
>If the other twelve members would like to nominate their 
>representatives, that would help achieve better representation. These 
>members are:
>Core Sound
>Fervent Software
>4Front Technologies
>Linux Audio Systems
>Please note that one individual can't represent more than one member 
>project or company, since they would then effectively have two or 
>more votes.
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