[Consortium] .org village at Linux User Expo

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Wed Mar 17 05:09:23 EST 2004

> I am committing myself to helping out on the linuxaudio.org stand
> within the not-for-profit '.org village' at Linux User Expo, I
> would like to be there for the whole thing, definitely the 21st, if
> that's what you need. 

That would be very helpful - thanks! Steve Harris has offered to do 
the 20th, and I'll be doing the 21st. Steve, could you bring your 
tube of posters again? If the Rosegarden lot have any more of those 
A6 flyers we could give those out too.

> I've not done this sort of thing before, as I mentioned. I assume
> it's mostly a case of being there and talking to people about
> making music on Linux (?)

Absolutely - at this stage, some people don't believe that it's 
actually possible to make and record music on Linux-based systems, so 
to put the proof in front of people is really valuable. I do 
understand people's scepticism, because there's been a lot of 
vaporware in the past and Linux audio sounds too good to be true...

> My immediate thought is that it would be nice for me to have an
> Agnula system to play with & show people

I took an old Toshiba laptop with me to Sounds Expo, running Demudi 
1.1.0. I was able to run Hydrogen and JACK Rack with a flanger plugin 
together without xruns, which was not bad considering it is only a 
Pentium II 300 MHz.



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