[Consortium] Re: [Agnula-Users]Frankfürt

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Wed Mar 24 04:17:34 EST 2004

I'm sorry my French isn't good enough to make an accurate reply in 
that language...

> Agnula  won't  be present  but  it  is possible  that  there  will
> be  a linuxaudio.org booth. 

I presume you mean Frankfurt Musikmesse, taking place at the end of 
this month:


I've had another enquiry about linuxaudio.org presence there, but so 
far none of the members have said that they will be attending. 
Perhaps we can be involved next year, or at the events in Russia and 

> This consortium is  more adapted  to
> discuss with  Creamware.

I agree, but I don't personally have any contacts with the company. I 
see there has been some recent activity on alsa-devel which sounds 
very relevant:



Daniel James

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