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Thu May 6 04:32:10 EDT 2004

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On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 12:23:58AM +0200, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
> >>>>> "jaromil" == jaromil  <jaromil at dyne.org> writes:
>     > I can further investigate this opportunity while i'm in
>     > Amsterdam (until end of june), if you all think is worthwhile.
> I  think this is a   good opportunity to investigate,  so  it would be
> great  if you could  devote  a little  time to  understand the various
> options available in the Netherlands.

i'll do what i can to discover more on the topic.

>     > tech-wise i suggest to first evaluate the use of RSS feeds to do
>     > that, that could be a first working exchange of links and
>     > infos. At least the linuxaudio page could start publishing a
>     > feed that others can include..
> Do you know anybody who could lend a hand with webmastering, at least
> from the start?

no, and if i know one i ask him to help me with dynebolic.org and
dyne.org, which i'm allready webmastering, besides writing the software.

> I think I   can handle finding  server  space and connectivity  and/or
> trying to convince my  mother organization to pay  for (a part of) the
> related expenses.

the server is not a problem, i could also provide bandwidth and server

i am fully operational on mantaining 3 software and one distribution,
even without mother organization... so i really can't do more than that.


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