[Consortium] Publicity etc...

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Mon Sep 20 04:11:37 EDT 2004

Hi Jaromil,

> > it only
> > seemed able to detect the first 880MB of RAM,
> ACK! himem support in kernel, will be there next

I don't think it's a practical problem for a user like me, but I guess 
if you were doing something like video work then you would want to 
see all the RAM. This Opteron machine has 1GB, but that's not 
unusually large these days.

> is envy24control part of alsa-tools? they are allready in for the
> next.

Yes it is. I don't know if it should have a menu entry or not, because 
it might confuse people who aren't using this chipset. I guess the 
most elegant solution is to have a script which adds a menu entry if 
the ice1712 driver is loaded. For these cards, you don't really need 
any other mixer.

> BTW, yesterday i got a mail from Richard Stallman complaining that
> there is no Emacs

I think that's inverted praise, coming from Richard... 



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