[Consortium] Greetings, thanks, LAC report, and other important stuff...

Andrea Glorioso sama at miu-ft.org
Fri Apr 29 13:03:06 EDT 2005

Dear Daniel, dear all,

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel James <daniel at linuxaudio.org> writes:

    > Hi Andrea,
    >> (b) the not-so-clear-cut stance of the Linux Audio Consortium
    >> on Free v Proprietary software makes the whole thing less
    >> palatable for FSF(E)

    > I think the policy of linuxaudio.org is extremely explicit. It
    > is quite clearly in favour of libre software, ie the Linux
    > kernel.

    > What it doesn't do is tell people which kind of software or
    > licence they must use for their own projects. Personally, I
    > think that's up to developers and users to decide for
    > themselves.
I might have expressed myself badly (that happens when you are not a
native speaker).

I am not questioning the current policy of  the Linux Audio Consortium
-  I had my  share of criticisms, which  I  hope were constructive and
useful, at the time the Consortium was created, but then I agreed that
AGNULA (which   itself has  a  total   commitment to  Free   Software,
sometimes to the  level of it  being a PITA :) would  be a part of it,
and we are not changing our mind on that.

What I  meant to  say is that  the  policy of the  Consortium, however
explicit, is probably not  something  the FSF(E)  is going to  totally
commit onto.  This might be an advantage or not, and as I said I think
fruitful collaboration can be built on specific items.

As  for   telling people what  to   do, and stressing  again  that I'm
perfectly fine  with the  current bylaws of   the Consortium,  I  find
nothing wrong in creating  entities whose rules  tell people how  they
should behave, as long as people are free  to decide whether they want
to be a  part  of that institution  or  not (practically, not  just in

Hope now my position is clearer.


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