[Consortium] Re: Fwd: [edmemo] Re. Letter in August Edition from Daniel James

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 2 15:41:41 EDT 2005


> Daniel James replied to Neil Wilkes:
> >>>I wonder how much stolen software is installed to
> your
> >>>system??
> > 
> > None at all. I don't even have a copy of Windows,
> so I'm not sure how 
> > I could run it even if I had it. Would you like a
> package list from 
> > this machine?
> I do not think that it is worth answering slanderous
> mails such as that
> sent by Neil Wilkes with friendly offers. (I wonder
> when he will stop
> beating his neighbours).

Neil is passionate and despite his misinterpretations
he is articulate. In that sense it's a potentially
interesting letter. To bad it's being sent to the
choir--us. With Neil's permission, it could be
discussed on the SOS forums so that many people can
learn about our preferred licenses.

We are dabbling in the audio world which is certainly
populated mostly by people who are niave about our

JACK and Ardour are a small bridge into the
proprietary world because of jackosx. It has been
explained to me that Coreaudio applications are JACK
clients by default. The Mac demographic is a much
larger body of users than those who use Linux.

We can spread the awareness of our preferred licensing
and tools amongst that crowd. Consider OSX with a JACK
client graph of Digital Performer -> jackosx ->
T-Racks. People use what they are familiar with and
Mac users know nothing about Ardour or JAMin.

JAMin could become an accepted tool on OSX. It can
remain unknown or even drift deeper into obscurity
which would be a shame. That's a pretty bold statement
but it isn't without merit.

In my opinion we would better understand the business
landscape that we are building upon by seeing Neil's
comments as an opportunity. We have a righteous cause.
The consortium has an objective and that means it is a
proactive delivery vehicle.

I think it's excellent that Daniel published a
provocative letter and that Neil has responded. We
have not earned more than that.


> Cheers,
> Andreas
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