[Consortium] Re: Streetfiresound RBX 1600

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Mon Aug 22 05:56:42 EDT 2005

Hi Alain,

> I thought maybe there is still something going on with the RBX
> 1600.
> I own one and still use it - I would be delighted to see the ball
> rolling a little bit further with the RBX 1600, do you have any
> news?

I'm afraid not, I only know what's on the website. In the absence of 
any further developments from the company, what I suggest is that you 
put together your own web page for RBX 1600 owners, find a free 
software project that is working on similar media jukebox systems, or 
maybe start your own.

That way you can collect and archive source code for and information 
on these devices before streetfiresound.com disappears off the 
internet. At the very least it would be a good idea to take a backup 
of that site with wget -r or similar.


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