[Consortium] Greetings, thanks, LAC report, and other important stuff...

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Tue May 3 03:56:11 EDT 2005

Hi Ico,

> I was
> wondering if you would be so kind as to please make the current
> logo downloadable off of the consortium's website, so that members
> could incorporate it into their homepages, if they so desired.

That's now available at:


I have converted the font to an outline in Inkscape, so it should look 
right in any program that supports SVG, even if you don't have the 
Blue Highway font installed. You can then make a bitmap from the SVG 
image at any resolution you need.

One other thing - as the FreeBob project is now a member, Daniel 
Wagner has offered to represent FreeBob on the linuxaudio.org 
Management Board. I've added his name to the list on the website and 
subscribed him to the Management mailing list.


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