[Consortium] Status update - Boost Hardware Ltd, DJCJ...

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Tue Oct 11 04:46:18 EDT 2005

Hi Patrick,

> I thought it might be
> nice for those interested to get a status update from a few of the
> more active companies. 

I've been very busy with the 64 Studio project, and we've put out a 
couple of alpha releases already. We're planning to release a stable 
version next year. http://64studio.com/

> Some of you may remember that I started a company called Boost
> Hardware which was attempting to provide portable Linux Audio
> Machines.

There's certainly room for improvement over the ubiquitous Apple 
laptops that gigging musicians use. I saw Soulwax playing 'live' 
recently, and they had an audible buffer under-run when switching 
between songs. Plus the fact that laptops aren't really pro-grade 
hardware in terms of reliability or repairability - they're more like 
consumer electronics.

Have you seen the Rackable half-depth servers?


They take dual Opterons and they look like the right size to fit in a 
musician's rack. Now if there was a similar machine which was 
pre-installed with 64 Studio, that would be a kick-ass system... :-) 



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