[Consortium] problem about inclusion of Ubuntu

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Sat Apr 1 04:02:26 EST 2006

Hi Jaromil,

>    consider i'm doing a distribution myself and at the same time
>    writing software for mine and other distributions, so i'm constantly
>    questioning how small and medium scale efforts can be sustainable

Do you believe they would be more sustainable if the mainstream 
distributions didn't exist? In my view, specialist distributions suit a 
minority of users, while most users have more general needs.

>    especially if a distribution can hide to the users the single efforts
>    it contains and even the original platform it forks from after 10
>    years of development.

Whenever I hear Mark speak he always makes the effort to give credit to 
the Debian project. Whether you believe Ubuntu is a fork of Debian or 
maintains the feedback loop, I'd have to point out that before Ubuntu 
came along, Debian was having severe difficulties in getting releases 
out. I believe that Ubuntu has helped to re-energise Debian (even if 
it's just through providing some competition in their back yard).

 > we should preserve and support the variety of
>    free software, not brand it under a single flag

I don't think Ubuntu is likely to achieve that. Red Hat has reserves of 
over $1 billion in cash and investments, Novell isn't poor either, and 
Debian is not going away.

> 2) pertinence - since Ubuntu is not an audio oriented distribution.

We already have Mandriva as a member, and that's not specifically about 
audio - but like Ubuntu, it's a distribution that wants to contribute to 
audio development and provide a better audio experience for its users.



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