[Consortium] logo - round three

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico.bukvic at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 15:08:54 EDT 2006

> The only one I liked out of the bunch is this one:
> http://djcj.org/LAU/images/logo-linuxAudioOrg2-3-500x427.png
> It's the simplest, and doesn't have the wireframe. That wireframe will
> disappear at smaller sizes anyhow.
> I'd just vote that the waveform be thickened slightly, as in the ones
> above it.
> Just my thoughts.
> Dana

Please do not take this wrong, I certainly do not mean to be rude or
offensive and I do think that the logo is definitely heading in the right
direction, but IMHO without prior knowledge what this logo is all about, one
could see it represent an underwater mine rather than something that has to
do with Linux and/or audio (apart from the relatively obfuscated sine

There is also a question of what aspect of this logo has anything to do with
Linux. I know that Tux has become to some extent a cliché, but then again it
is a branding issue--if we are *Linux* audio consortium, why are we not
emphasizing this fine distinction in our visual design?

Best wishes,


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