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re all,

(why crossposting? should we keep this discussion in the most inclusive
 mailinglist of our network? do consortium@ and management@ overlap?)

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 01:22:14PM -0400, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> I. Expanding consortium's membership into following categories:
> 1) Developers/software projects
> 2) Organizations, societies, and/or corporations supporting LA endeavors
> (these could be subdivided further)
> 3) Academic institutions
> 4) Hardware vendors
> 5) Artists/end-users

what about non-profit foundations?

> II. Discussing country of incorporation.
> As you may be already aware, my proposal is to incorporate Linuxaudio.org as
> a non-profit organization. Personally, I feel that incorporating in US will
> allow us to have a significant access to the sponsorship from various tech
> companies (especially considering that a vast majority is incorporated in
> US) while in return offering them ability to make their contributions
> tax-deductible. Granted, US may not be the most Linux-friendly but at the
> same time IMHO such considerations may not have any bearing on the
> consortium as our mission does not encompass patents and/or other authorship
> concerns (beyond the obvious prerequisite that a member project/whatever
> needs to be legal).

sorry but i am firmly against incorporation in USA for the main reason
of software patenting being aloud there.

> FWIW, I also have some experience with incorporating the so-called
> 501c3 (non-profit) organization in US, so this would also provide us
> with some head-start. Ultimately, whatever country we choose, we must
> be able to find at least 3-4 devoted and responsible board members in
> that country who will be able to conduct the every-day business and
> easily communicate with each other as well as the general membership.

there are members of the board who are as well experienced in
registering non-profit organizations in EU. i can also offer the
assistance and ask for the patrocinate of the Netherlands Institute of
Media Art.

> III. Seeking dedicated webmaster as one of the first (currently
> volunteer-based) positions of the executive core.
> I am proposing to make a call for a webmaster with solid HTML skills to help
> out with updating the website. As of right now, I would not want to make any
> significant alterations simply because the website is just fine in its
> current form, but also because this volunteer position should be structured
> so that it does not require too much time. I would propose to make this
> position available to anyone who wishes to nominate themselves and then have
> the board choose from the nomination pool by vote.

There should be possibility to update the website thru a CMS, HTML is
just a layout issue while content should be freely contributed by the
various members of the consortium, IMHO.


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