[Consortium] Consortium "Made in Linux" cover idea

asnel at vt.edu asnel at vt.edu
Sun Dec 3 12:54:21 EST 2006

It's a very nice picture, and is very appropriate. Is there a large version that
is darker? I would suggest that to make it look a little more audio-like, make
the speaker bigger and a little more pronounce as a speaker. Right now it does
look a little bit like a flashlight, perhaps changing the rays coming out of it
into sin-waves/audio-waveforms instead of straight lines, or  the little sound
waves like -> ))))). We want it immediately obvious we are working with sound.

Quoting Ivica Ico Bukvic <ico at vt.edu>:

> Apologies for the cross-posting -- the consortium listserv that is hosted by
> Agnula server continues to refuse forwarding e-mail to its members...
> Apropos CD covers for the vol.1, how about taking the image from the
> http://lau.linuxaudio.org/faq/ ? IMHO it best portrays the idea of "Tux
> Power" without even having to explicitly state the subtitle. So, we could
> have the subtitle on the side and the back but perhaps not on the front side
> of the cover? Or if we do have it on the front, perhaps making it
> intentional small and inconspicuous?
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