[Consortium] RE: [linux-audio-user] Attracting more Linux audio developers

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sun Dec 10 18:49:12 EST 2006

> Regarding the webmastering, I just might be interested, but I'm not sure
> that I can put in the effort required. I am of the opinion that the
> Linux audio community should gain from having a consistent layout on the
> sites, perhaps even a set of prominent links like for instance the
> OSDL-sites. This would require some serious work. How many people are
> involved today?

Linuxaudio.org has a small active staff and until very recently it was
predominantly a one-man show. I am hoping to change this as for one I am
really getting burned out and two, I want to utilize my energy on other
pressing and likely more important matters, such as incorporation of the
organization as a non-profit entity and fund-raising. Unfortunately, even
though we had a successful first round of recruiting volunteers, we are
hardly at a point where I can say linuxaudio.org has adequate staffing.

Regarding consistency, I am very much interested in that but putting some
more thought into it (which was in part inspired by the discussion on the
consortium list), I feel like total standardization may not be a good idea
not only because some of the consolidated websites' webmasters do not feel
inclined to do so, but also because we want the consortium to also reflect
the freedom and variety Linux audio offers. Hence, standardization as such
will likely come in something more subtle (i.e. logo plus perhaps some kind
of a subtle corner css menu thingy). That being said, we've not tackled this
yet, hence your contributions/ideas are more than welcome.

Best wishes,


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