[Consortium] Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: move LAU to a forum?

ico at vt.edu ico at vt.edu
Mon Dec 25 01:22:20 EST 2006

> > A quick look at some of the successful forum/mailing list projects, for
> > instance Ubuntu, reveals that not only they have both, but also both
> methods
> > of communication are teeming with activity.
> Teeming with activity but close to zero signal amongst the noise.
> I keep on searching google for solutions to Ubuntu based problems.
> All of the top hits on google point to UbuntuForums and when I
> go there there is almost never an answer. The UbuntuForums are
> absolutely chock full of "Me too" or people saying "that didn't
> work for me".

Ironically, my experience is that solutions to most of my very hardware and/or
setup-specific problems were found on Ubuntu forums. More so, some of them were
even applicable to Fedora install but were not available on the Fedora forums...
Many of their how-tos are very helpful which points to another advantage of a
well-designed forum: readability.

> > FWIW, as far as the "speed" of forums is concerned, it largely depends on
> > what you use in combination on what kind of hardware you run. I've seen
> some
> > that are quite fast despite the often dubious eye-candy.
> Connecting to some web server on the other side of the planet
> will always be slower than accessing mail that has been delivered
> to me and is sitting on my hard drive.

You still need to receive such e-mail either actively or passively. It does not
miracoulously teleport into your HD. Either way, we are again talking about
personal preferences, rather than potential needs and/or interests of an
average user (which may or may not be something you find of value and/or

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you and the rest of the list!


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