[Consortium] Funding option

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu Jun 22 07:21:59 EDT 2006


One possible way of generating a small revenue stream which could be 
used to support the consortium financially is to have google/yahoo ads 
on the LAO websites.

Currently none of the websites hosted have them and it is obviously not 
everyones first choice.

A few reasons I can think of for adding advertising to the site are:

- Constant stream of income
- The sites get heavy traffic so we would get high click through rates 
and percentages
- It *could* make us look more professional to non-Libre initiated users
- If the sites make good money then it will be channeled back into the 
consortium and associated projects
- Google has been supportive of LAD and open source through "Summer of 
- We all use Google anyway so lets cash in like everyone else

Anyhow it is definitely a consortium decision as it will no doubt be 
viewed negatively by a substantial number of LAD/LAU'ers.


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