[Consortium] re: Linuxaudio.org updates

Robin Millette robin at millette.info
Mon Mar 20 07:21:19 EST 2006

On 3/20/06, Daniel James <daniel at 64studio.com> wrote:
> Hi Dana,
> > "Runs on Linux. Cool!"
> >
> > Heh, I agree with Richard.
> It could be that the penguin is too 'cutesy' for serious users, or maybe
> it's to do with the manufacturers not wanting to eclipse their own
> brands, but I noticed a definite absence of the penguin at the Sounds
> Expo trade show in London - even though several of the most interesting
> products were Linux based. If you haven't seen it yet (and you have a


I've been on the list for a while, mostly because I'm on many many
lists and this one particularly since I'm interested in associations,
federations, consortiums and the likes. Also, my brother has a
recording studio, and I'd like to help him use free software.

Tux, the penguin, is the Linux mascot. But Linux is just a kernel.
Calling the whole system just Linux is arguably a misuse of the

I'm also president of a local association in Québec (FACIL) to promote
the adoption of free software, and as such, I'm very careful that we
use Tux for the right context, and not as an illustration of the whole
free software spectrum.

If I can have some influence over here, I wish you pick another
mascot. I'd still appreciate all the work if you did you Tux, it's a
mistake a lot of people make, but repeating a mistake won't make it
right in the end.

Voilà, my 0,02 $.

Robin 'oqp' Millette (aka Lord D. Nattor)

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