[Consortium] re: Linuxaudio.org updates

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Tue Mar 21 05:03:19 EST 2006

Hi Steve,

 > in previous years a lot of the development effort
> was specifically targeted at the linux kernel, but I feel that this is
> becoming less true with time. In particular a small but significant
> ammount of linux audio software now runs on OS X.

Sure, and I think it strengthens the case for using those applications 
that they aren't tied to a single platform. However from a 
linuxaudio.org point of view, I have reservations about promoting free 
software on OS X, as it is a semi-proprietary platform under the control 
of a single company - something I hoped UNIX could get away from :-)

The forced switch to Intel processors is a classic example of why a user 
shouldn't put their faith in a closed-systems vendor. I was an Apple 
user ten years ago, and I always had the feeling I was being taken for a 
mug. At least in the early days you could make a case that Apple 
hardware was superior, and worth the extra cost - SCSI drives instead of 
IDE, for example - but over the years, the Mac became more and more like 
a PC inside, so I guess Intel processors are the logical final step.

But I have a more serious reason for distrusting Apple. It's quite 
obvious to me that with the acquisition of Logic at the producer end and 
the iPod and iTunes music store at the other, the company is attempting 
to establish monopoly control of the entire music technology chain. 
They're cutting out the labels by signing bands directly to iTunes, and 
even making a push for the amateur market with the likes of Garage Band.

Apple is now well positioned to become the Microsoft of music, and of 
course that's not a future that I want to see. So I find it hard to 
advocate that musicians should use OS X, particularly if the alternative 
is GNU/Linux.



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