[Consortium] problem about inclusion of Ubuntu

ico ico at vt.edu
Mon Mar 27 13:43:41 EST 2006

> there is a common problem in the free software world at the moment and
> is that the distributions are in front, while the real developers of
> software (so called "upstream developers") are not.

As mentioned earlier, every legal project/individual/whatever that actively 
contributes towards Linux audio scene, including "upstream developers," is 
more than welcome to apply for a membership. Personally, I've never refused 
anyone's membership to the consortium if their work was compatible with our 
mission. More so, I've sent many invitations to the upstream 
projects/developers I felt were worthy. What I cannot do, though, is force 
anyone to become a member.

If you would like to help me with recruitment of the upstream 
developers/projects, you are more than welcome to do so, as I could use any 
help I can get...

> this doesn't makes it much sustainable for the people that is really
> developing software and i think this consortium should focus in filling
> some gaps instead of enforcing a merchandising that is already existing.

Merchandising, whether you like it or not, is an unavoidable aspect of our 
mission if we wish to be successful in a society we live in. IMHO, it also 
helps consortium gain credibility and consequently attract more of the 
upstream developers/higher-profile projects/institutions/hw companies who may 
be currently skeptical of our long-term prospects. Furthermore, all this 
ultimately helps upstream projects as it helps link their product with the 
end-user base. This should become especially important once (if?) we begin 
supporting Linux audio artists as well.

> > You are more than welcome to make a call for a vote for/against the
> > inclusion of Ubuntu, or for anything else for that matter.
> do i have to fill a webform? :)
> that's all what it is about my intervention on this mailinglist.

I originally wanted to suggest making a separate thread for the sake of 
clarity, call for a vote, and have everyone vote on it. However, this may not 
help with the anonymity.

Alternately, we could generate a webpage where everyone could vote? I am 
afraid, though, that doing so may take too much time as we need to be able to 
link each vote with one member project/institution/whatever in order to ensure 
that no one votes more than once, and for that we will have to have a more 
involved framework.

Third option, which could be seen perhaps as a compromise, would be simply 
having everyone e-mail director, mgmt. board chair (Dave) and possibly another 
member (just in case you choose not to trust my or Dave's count (-: ), 
directly off-list and then having us count the votes and report back to the 

Does anyone else have a better idea?

FWIW, *if* we vote the Ubuntu out, we will have to also consider doing so for 
other existing members who fall into this category (which in and of itself 
will be difficult to define as Mandriva, for instance, is for-profit company 
while Ubuntu/Canonical isn't, etc.), as otherwise we will be projecting an 
image of playing favorites which will subsequently warrant rewriting of the 
consortium's mission, as well as result in locking-out of some of the 
merchandising possibilities down the road (IMHO, this is a very slippery 
slope). In addition, maintaining Ubuntu Studio membership will become 
cumbersome as it will project a dubious message of supporting audio on a 
distro that we appear not to be willing to endorse.


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