[Consortium] problem about inclusion of Ubuntu

ico ico at vt.edu
Mon Mar 27 16:47:47 EST 2006

> Personally I think the possibility of Ubuntu or any other Linux centered
> dist, institution or project being ostracized for *any* reason is quite
> strange. Even more so, because they are involved in a successful
> business enterprise.

Second that.

> In the past serious decisions have been made by the Board of Directors
> which is a private invite only mailing list with a smaller portion of
> the original members included on it. However I am willing to code up a
> page to allow anonymous votes for future decision making by everyone if
> necessary.

True, although my understanding is that every member 
project/institution/whatever, upon joining can opt for adding a voting member 
to the board (as described at the bottom of the "About" page). Hence, I feel 
that we need to adhere to the policy. That being said, I am not sure whether 
Jaromil had ever opted to represent his project in the board as a voting 
member nor am I aware of any log that would annotate that being done, but 
assuming that he has, then he has every right to call for a vote.

It is my belief that this aspect of the consortium's structure will have to be 
revisited, because as we grow, the current model will become more and more 
unwieldy. But in the absence of the such a revision, I'd propose simply a 
voting system which will ascertain what a majority of the Linuxaudio.org 
membership wants to do in respect to Ubuntu, act upon this vote, hopefully 
learn from the whole experience and move on. My hope is that we will then use 
this situation as a model for restructuring of the current consortium's 
hierarchy/board/whatever, so that we can better anticipate future occurrences 
of similar situations.

Best wishes,


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