[Consortium] Re: [linux-audio-user] More about consolidation of the Linux audio online resources

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki eric at zhevny.com
Tue Mar 28 09:51:57 EST 2006

Daniel James wrote:
> Hi all,
>>>> Also, I am not sure what would be more effective in terms of linking 
>>>> linuxaudio.org/developer or linuxaudio.org/lad. IMHO both have merit 
>>> i think we should go for the lad variant for now.
> I have access to DNS for the domain, so I can easily set up 
> lad.linuxaudio.org for example, which could potentially point to another 
> box.

I like this even better than a dir/ under linuxaudio.org.

>> My main concern at the moment is having someplace to post the video 
>> and audio for LAC2006 after each talk, and of course for the 
>> conference organizers to have someplace to point people.
> Ico has pointed out that it would be better to use a machine at Virginia 
> Tech for this, as I'm paying commercial prices for bandwidth on the 
> machine that currently hosts linuxaudio.org.

That would definitely make sense. No reason to unduly overuse your 

> I think the best short-term solution is for Ico to consolidate the 
> resources on his current machine at Virginia Tech until his new Linux 
> box is ready, and I'll set DNS to point to whatever IP Ico is using.
> Later on, I can formally transfer the linuxaudio.org domain to the 
> registered not-for-profit organisation that Ico has proposed.

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