[Consortium] Announcing immediate availability of the new Linuxaudio.org logo

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico.bukvic at gmail.com
Mon May 29 20:17:17 EDT 2006

Dear Linuxaudio.org members,

It is my great pleasure to announce immediate availability of the new logo
and its variations. Once again, big thanks go to Thorsten Wilms who put up
with most if not all of my picky remarks and criticisms ;-).

At any rate, without further ado, for more info as well as press release
please visit:


Where to from here?
With the logo project now complete, new members will be presented to the
board and hopefully announced within a week. Following ratification of our
new members, we will focus on creation and adoption of the articles of
incorporation and bylaws in preparation for the upcoming incorporation.
Finally, as of right now, the general membership sentiment suggests that we
should incorporate in US. Personally, although I have been very much
indifferent towards this topic, based upon the recent discussion as well as
assessment of viable options and alternatives, US right now seems IMHO to be
the most logical choice. Please note that this in and of itself should not
preclude creation of other branches in due time.

Best wishes,

Ivica Ico Bukvic, D.M.A. Composition
Virginia Tech
Dept. of Music - 0240
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-7047
(540) 231-5034 (fax)
ico at vt.edu

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