[Consortium] re: VST licensing progress

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Fri Nov 3 05:31:18 EST 2006

Hi Ico,

 > (my
> research so far has led me to Steinberg's headquarters in Germany, as
> apparently Yamaha has nothing to do with it).

Not only does Yamaha own Steinberg, but they put one of their own people 
in as managing director:


So although Steinberg is notionally an independent company within the 
Yamaha group, it's quite likely the MD of Steinberg is familiar with the 
work funded by Yamaha to make mLAN work on Linux. I doubt the Korg Oasys 
has escaped the attention of any Japanese keyboard instrument maker either.

Having said that, there is at least one existing VST on Linux 
implementation that uses a proprietary application layer, so from 
Steinberg's viewpoint the current SDK licence is perhaps not a 
problematic one.

I think the best way to tackle this is 'please help us find a way to 
ship VST support in these new exciting applications' rather than 'we 
want you to support free software' or 'we demand you change the licence 
of your software'. After all, it's their code to licence as they see fit.



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