[Consortium] Call for a redesign of the Made in Linux Vol.1 cover

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Fri Nov 3 09:41:08 EST 2006

> > 2) We need 2 versions, B & W and color.
> Resolution, output device?

Please see original as a reference. Namely, the document should be easily
printable using home printers but should also allow for professional
printing as well (this may suggest having 2 versions with different DPI plus
a SVG version which can be easily adapted to any future needs, i.e. CD
sleeves etc.). Ultimately, it is my hope to move away from the online CD
format as this could be seen as a small but steady source of income, and at
that point we will likely worry about a single format. Until that happens,
however, we should have the design as flexible as possible while taking into
account where we ultimately see this project going...

> > 3) We also need the front and back sides of the CD jewel case (currently
> we
> > only have the front), as well as the CD cover itself
> Single sheet or folded booklet? Printing one-sided?

I'd say one-sided folded booklet since that will be easier for the end-user
to print out. That being said, if you or anyone else can think of a better
way, please do share it with us.

> According to my research, the inlay for back and sides should be
> 118 x 151 mm. Backside takes 138, leaving 6,5 mm height for each
> side.
> Booklet sheet 119 x 242 mm.

Sounds good! Please bear in mind that if we go SVG route (which I think we
should) adjusting this should be a breeze.

Best wishes,


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