[Consortium] portal.linuxaudio.org launched

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Tue Sep 26 00:22:19 EDT 2006

> As the power of Linux environment is in the multitude of components
> available each with many different types of interactive paradigms I
> think streamlining the LAO family of subdomains so they all have the
> same or similar theme goes against the flow.

Point well taken. OTOH, Linux, and subsequently Lao is also about community.

> I strongly protest against forcing all the subdomains to have a similar
> theme and will take the sites I manage out of the system if required to
> do so.

I am not trying to "force" anything. I merely suggested this to see what the
community feels like. Linuxaudio.org never coerced anyone or anything to do
contrary to what they believe in and this is not going to change (at least
not under my watch). So, if you and/or others in the consortium feel this
way, so be it.

There is still a possibility that even under such circumstances we could
develop a theme/style framework which would be offered to subdomains to
adopt if they so desired (or wanted to have such a resource at their
disposal for the sake of easier website deployment), but this will not be
required... In other words, you need not worry about a hostile takeover or
any other move reminiscent of corporate backstabbing.

Best wishes,


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