[Consortium] [ANN] Aldrin 0.9 (Mercury)

Leonard Ritter contact at leonard-ritter.com
Sat Jan 20 14:13:05 EST 2007

Aldrin is an open source modular music sequencer/tracker for the GNU/Linux operating system.

We're proud to announce the release of Aldrin 0.9 (Mercury).

This release marks the end of Aldrin's "carnivore" cycle, a development
line that was oriented towards a faithful imitation of Jeskola Buzz.
"Mercury" is the first release of the "planet" cycle, a metaphoric
journey from the center of our solar system to other places of the milky
way, passing all other planets and moons as we move along, to the stars
and beyond.

Here is a short overview of the most relevant features introduced in
this version:

      * Plugin and connection context menus have a new feature called
        "Insert/Prepend Plugin", enabling you to insert new plugins
        without disrupting the current DSP processing pipeline.
      * Deleting plugins will now restore previous connections.
      * A new function "Loop Fit" for samples, which adjusts a samples
        speed to match a current tempo.
      * Plugin LEDs in the router have been extended to fully fledged
        VUs, and thus can now display volumes of emitted signals.
      * Overdrive warnings for master and plugin VUs. If the measured
        volume reaches 0dB, the bar will flash bright red to indicate
        loss of quality.
      * The sequencer has been remixed and shows patterns now with
        distinguishing colors (automatically calculated). Pattern length
        is now being visualized as well.
      * A new Audio Input plugin allows real-time DSP processing of
        microphone and line input.
      * Thanks to libzzub's new LLVM-powered Lunar DSP plugin engine, a
        bunch of new plugins: Filter, Panning, Gain, a Kick Synthesizer
        and the Lunar MiniSynth, which is a Bass Synthesizer supporting
        DASR filter envelopes.
      * Various user interface simplifications.

Enjoy this new version and visit us on #aldrin on freenode.net, or
subscribe to the Aldrin mailing list.


Leonard Ritter

-- Freelance Art & Logic
-- http://www.leonard-ritter.com

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