[Consortium] What hardware is actually used by freebob/ffado users?

Pieter Palmers pieterp at joow.be
Tue Jul 31 06:57:54 EDT 2007

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Hi all,

With this I'm hoping to gather some data that can help us in convincing 
the firewire device manufacturers that we are of some significance to 
their sales (I'm actually wondering if we are...). So I would like to 
ask everyone on these lists that has/considers/considered purchasing a 
firewire audio device if they would be so kind as to answer the 
following questionnaire.

** Those that have bought one or more firewire devices...
* can you provide which device(s), preferably with their GUID (can be 
found out using gscanbus or sometimes on the device itself)

* Do they work with linux?

** Those that considered buying a firewire device:
* What device(s) did you consider buying?

* What device did you go for in the end (if applicable)?

* To what extent was the lack of Linux support a determining factor in 
your decision?

** Those that consider buying a firewire device:
* What device(s) are you consider buying?

* How important is Linux support for you?

** any comments?

It would be nice if you would reply to this email with the answers 
inlined with the questions. Please don't reply-to-all but reply to 
pieterp at joow.be in order not to spam the mailing list with these 
answers. It would also be nice if you left the subject line intact such 
that I can auto-filter these messages.

Again, sorry to bother you guys with this, but it's a bit difficult to 
convince manufacturers without some decent data.


Pieter Palmers

PS: If you know other freebob/ffado users that are not subscribed to 
these list please pass this mail on.

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