[Consortium] ANN: Csound 5.06 released.

Victor Lazzarini Victor.Lazzarini at nuim.ie
Thu Jun 7 05:46:36 EDT 2007

Dear all,

I'd just like to announce the release of Csound 5.06. This release
includes new opcodes (now amounting to just 1265...)
some improvements to the API, full support for Python 2.5, and a new addition,
which should interest linux users, of csLADSPA.

csLADSPA is a csd-to-LADSPA plugin toolkit. With it, plugins can be
written as Csound code and be used with any LADSPA host, such as
audacity, jack-rack and ardour. It seems to be a great companion to
Ardour 2, for the multitracking crowd.

See in

Here's some quick release notes:

Bug fixes:
      'system' at k-rate was just wrong
      'vrandh' and 'vrandi' scaling problems
      'turnoff' sometimes failed
      'mod' was wrong
      'tempest' OSX bug fixed
      'ATScross' fixed and 'ATSadd' output made cleaner

New opcodes etc:
      - partikkel, partikkelsync -- particle synthesis ('the mother of all 
granular syntheses')
      - New command line options to control messages
      - eqfil -- equaliser filter
      - diskgrain -- granular synthesis from disk
      - pvsdiskin -- fsig streaming from disk
      - pvsmorph -- pvs data interpolation (spectral morphing)
      - scoreline -- score event dispatch
      - porting of opcodes from CsoundAV by Gabriel Maldonado:
        hvs1, hvs2, hvs3, vphaseseg, FLkeyin, FlslidBnk2, FlvslidBnk, 
FlvslidBnk2, inrg,
        outrg, lposcila, lposcilsa, lposcilsa2, tabmorph, tabmorpha, 
tabmorphak, FLhvsBox,
        tabmorphi, trandom, vtable1k, slider8table, slider16table, 
slider32table, slider64table,
        slider8tablef, slider16tablef, slider32tablef, FLmouse, FLxyin
        slider64tablef, sliderKawai and an a-rate version of ctrl7.

A number of internal changes; a new API for allowing host applications to be
notified whenever Csound opens a file.  (And accompanying changes to the
recommended interface for plugins to open files)."

     csladspa  --  CSD to LADSPA plugin kit
     improvements to csoundapi~ (v.1.01 now)
     New-look csound5gui now works on all platforms (last release had OSX bugs)


Victor Lazzarini
Music Technology Laboratory
Music Department
National University of Ireland, Maynooth

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