[Consortium] 64 Studio 1.3.0 'Let Me Take You to the Beach' released

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Thu May 3 10:37:41 EDT 2007

Hello all,

64 Studio is a GNU/Linux distribution tailor-made for digital content
creation, including audio, video, graphics and publishing tools. A remix
of Debian testing, it comes in both AMD64/Intel64 and 32-bit flavours,
to run on nearly all PC hardware.

Our latest development release (1.3.0) is the very first to be based on 
a stable release of Debian, the recent Etch release. This means that you 
should be able to add any packages you need from official Debian 
mirrors, including security updates, without breaking your system. The 
forthcoming 64 Studio 2.0 release will retain compatibility with Etch, 
to create a long-lived and stable creative desktop.

New packages in this release include Ardour 2 beta 12 (the final Ardour 
2.0 build will be included in the next release) and vector graphics app 
Xara. The serious bug with sample rate setting for USB audio interfaces 
in the 1.2.0 release has been fixed, thanks to a patch from the ALSA team.

Known bugs in 1.3.0 include:

* The Gnome tool for changing user passwords is broken on AMD64
* The latest version of Ktoon is unstable and will crash on start-up
* KNetAttach is installed but is not compatible with Gnome
* QJackCtl window behaviour is wrong, it hides behind apps

This release is named after the Frank Zappa song from his 1978 album 
Studio Tan, because we're experiencing an early heatwave in England at 
the moment. Studio tan is the same as programmer's tan, as far as we can 
tell - it may not improve your looks, but it comes with no risk of 
sunburn :-)

Please note that if you want a stable version of 64 Studio, you should 
stick to version 1.0 for now, as that version has been more thoroughly 

The changelog is available here:


and ISO images for amd64 and i386 are here (with md5sums):



You can also upgrade from a 1.0 install or from previous testing 
releases using our testing APT repository:

deb http://apt.64studio.com/64studio/testing 64studio main

and running apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, or pressing the 'Mark 
all upgrades' then 'Apply' buttons in the Synaptic package manager. To 
avoid system breakage, please comment out or uncheck any third-party 
repositories (for example an official Debian one) first, as these might 
interfere with the upgrade procedure.

Happy testing!

The 64 Studio team

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