[Consortium] Re: Looking for a US mirror (LiveDVD released)

Michael Bohle opendaw at jacklab.org
Thu May 10 02:12:13 EDT 2007

Am Wed, 9 May 2007 20:49:21 -0400
schrieb "Ivica Ico Bukvic" <ico at vt.edu>:

Hello Ico,

> Michael,
> You are more than welcome to mirror your work on Linxuaudio.org site
> provided you also become a member of Linuxaudio.org. Membership does
> not cost anything. It is simply a commitment to the proliferation of
> pro audio on Linux which by the very nature of your project is
> obviously something that is very much compatible with your mission.
> If interested, please contact me and we'll go from there.

Thank you for your invitation, that's exactly what we need to spread
the word and the good message. Now I have read the goals of
linuxaudio.org, then made a subscription to the consortium ML. Is that
the procedure to become a member of the consortium?

Do you set up the rsync cron job for the linuxaudio.org server? Or is
there a special administrator?

Our repository mirror is ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/linux/misc/jacklab , do you 
think it is a good idea that we make an account on our initial server
(Charlie) repository, which is not public, for the linuxaudio.org?

A short description of our project for the linuxaudio.org website:

JackLab (http://jacklab.net)
A community-driven effort to bring the best of Linux multimedia
experience to normal users and a low-latency platform for
professional audio and video work. 


> For additional info on membership please visit linuxaudio.org.
> Should you happen to have any additional questions and/or concerns,
> please do not hesitate to contact me.
> Best wishes,
> Ivica Ico Bukvic, D.M.A.
> Linuxaudio.org Director
> Virginia Tech
> Department of Music - 0240
> Blacksburg, VA 24061
> (540) 231-1137
> (540) 231-5034 (fax)
> ico at linuxaudio.org
> http://linuxaudio.org
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> > From: Michael Bohle [mailto:opendaw at jacklab.org]
> > Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 9:05 AM
> > To: A list for linux audio users; ico at vt.edu
> > Subject: Looking for a US mirror (LiveDVD released)
> > 
> > Hello LAU,
> > 
> > JackLab is short before a beta1 of the openSUSE based JackLab Audio
> > Distribution (See some reviews about the alpha2 and winasio in DP's
> > blog http://www.linuxjournal.com/blog/800764 ) expected next week.
> > 
> > Our latest product is an installable livedvd (like
> > ubuntu) that is released finaly today.
> > 
> > We are mainly located in Europe, but we have a lot of US users. As
> > we NOT PAYED by Novell and we are a free and independent project of
> > the openSUSE community, we have to build up and pay most of the
> > project infrastructure by our own. In Germany, the gwdg.de is so
> > kind to gives us space for our software repositories for free. But
> > this is the only mirror worldwide.
> > 
> > With the realistic perspective, that JAD beta will really be a
> > burner, we urgently need some US mirrors!
> > This mirrors via rsync shall contain our full repository
> > (InstallerDVD, liveDVD, updates etc). Has anyone some space left?
> > 
> > Please email to me for further coordination!
> > 
> > thx
> > Michael

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