[Consortium] ANN: RTMix 0.76 (a.k.a. "rtmix lives on")

Victor Lazzarini Victor.Lazzarini at nuim.ie
Thu May 24 04:39:23 EDT 2007

Well done. Maintaining a large piece of software is always a hard
job, esp. if there are not that many people helping. Kudos for keeping
it up.

all the best


At 04:19 24/05/2007, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
>Well, it's been over 2 (3?) years since last release, but rtmix refuses to
>die ;-). Thanks solely to Robin Gareus and his heroic work in making rtmix
>gcc4 compliant, I am releasing rtmix version 0.76. Apart from compile error
>fixes (courtesy of Robin), there have been a few cosmetic tweaks, but most
>notably, the source is now released under a 100% GPL-compliant license. That
>being said, the code is still a dirty hack, the internal event cue
>occasionally still misbehaves (albeit only in very complex situations), and
>unfortunately native alsa seq is still MIA (uses old unix dev access). OTOH,
>the thing does work as advertised, has been used, and continues to be used
>in my works without a hitch. Apart from oss midi, rtmix supports networking,
>OSC, and other goodness making it rather practical for on-screen
>coordination as well as interaction between performer(s) and computer.
>For more info on what really rtmix is please consult the HTML documentation
>included with the tarball (or see online documentation info below). The
>tarball (5MB) comes with source, documentation (some statements in it are
>likely a bit outdated, so please take those parts with a grain of salt),
>tutorials, and precompiled binary on Ubuntu 6.10 (i686, qt3, gcc), so if you
>have these a simple "make install" should do it (installs in
>/usr/local/rtmix and binary in /usr/local/bin). For a "simon" tutorial with
>sounds you will also need sounds zipfile (11MB-ish) which are downloadable
>from the same folder (just browse the folder).
>To download latest RTMix click here:
>Online documentation:
>Complaints to: /dev/null
>Future roadmap:
>Rtmix in its current state is a project in a need of a total rewrite. This
>is primarily due to the fact that despite the fact rtmix appears to do the
>job in 99.9% of instances, the code is an ugly hack which makes its
>maintenance and perhaps more importantly expandability exponentially
>difficult. That being said, I am looking forward to one of the upcoming
>summers when I will dig into the code once again and rebuild the darn thing
>from the ground up the way it was meant to be all along. Until then, this
>version should prove an adequate substitute.
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