[Consortium] Benefit of Compiz to audio work?

Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Wed Nov 14 10:38:29 EST 2007

Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
>> 3. Electrical waste mountain. There are millions of machines out there
>> which are perfectly (re)usable as audio workstations, but make Compiz a
>> *requirement* for using free software, and they'll have to go into
>> landfill.
> I agree that compiz should not be a requirement. That being said, after
> talking with Cory, my understanding is that Compiz would be used for very
> basic stuff in its vanilla incarnation with most of the bells and whistles
> disabled which should introduce performance advantages.

Yes. *IF* we decided to ship/enable it the settings would be very
minimal. No effects (other than a shadow as I was told by the Compiz
developers that it is zero cost to the system) at all. Just enough to
move rendering off the the GPU.

> Best wishes,
> Ico

I will also say this decision is depending on how Compiz shapes up over
the Hardy development cycle and if some other bugs can be wrapped up.
Currently Compiz and Blender aren't playing well. :(

The decision will also have to be made as to whether on not we enable it
by default if we ship it. ATM I'm leaning toward no but hopefully this
list (and the Ubuntu-devel) can continue to offer opinions. :)

-Cory \m/

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